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We are an international collective of artists based in Berlin. Our members and collaborators:

Christina Kyriazidi (Greece)  is a Greek theatre maker based in Berlin.

She was formed as an actress and playwright in Greece and the UK [University of Exeter]. She has worked so far, as an actress and dramaturge, in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Argentina and Brazil.

In 2010, she founded in Berlin the international theatre group Marinaio Teatro and a year later, the itinerant theatre festival KNOTS: Exchange Meeting of Theatre Groups with editions so far in Berlin, Buenos Aires, La Paz and São Paolo.

She has given workshops as a theatre educator for adolescents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013, she founded in Berlin, the L A B [Laboratory Actors Berlin], a platform of training, research and creation for young actors.

As a playwright, she was awarded by the “Greek National Union of Writers” for her play “AUTUMN MEETING” (2002), while her play “FOREST UNDER THE SEA” (2013) was produced by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture in 2015, and toured in Brazil in 2016, through the award of “FUNARTE”. Her last play “Les Muêts / The Mutes” was selected as one of the 5 european plays on the theme of the European Crisis, for the “PIIGS Festival 2016 – Dramaturgia Sobre la Crisi”. Her plays have been produced so far, in Greece, Germany, Brazil and Spain.

more info: here


Ian Belinchon (Spain) is a English-Spanish musician-composer and actor based in Berlin. He is a pianist, guitarist and violoncellist, centred around the composition discipline of music. He is also interested in acoustic sound research and in instrument building and has studied as a piano builder apprentice. He worked as a cellist in the Ilya Musin Society Orchestra and he is the co-founder of the theatre group A punto de Plumas (Madrid, 2008), the music-poetry project Cellosia (Madrid 2010), the music duo Vaiven (Berlin, 2011). He participates as an actor, musician and composer in the theatre group marinaio teatro since 2012.


Leonel Henckes (Brasil) is an actor, theatre director and producer. He completed a BA in Theatre Interpretation (UFSM, 2008), a Master (2011) and a PhD (2014) in Theatre Arts at PPGAC / UFB, with a transit period at the “Freie Universität Berlin” in Berlin, Germany. He worked as professor in the Federal University of Bahia (2009 – 2011), where he taught courses for the BA courses – Qualification in Interpreting and Theatre
Directing in the areas of body preparation, voice, theatre directing and theatrical interpretation. From 2005 – 2008, he worked as an actor and researcher in the theatre group” Ba Infinity “. In 2012, he was contemplated in the Notice of Exchange and Cultural Diffusion of the Brazilian Culture Ministry and held an internship as an assistant artistic director at “Mount Opera Rigoletto” by Giuseppe Verdi, under the artistic direction of Thomas Krupa at the Theater Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany.
More info: www.leonelhenckes.com.br


Alpa Welsch(Germany) is a Physical Actor and Applied Theatre teacher. He completed his studies of Applied Theatre at the Off Theater nrw near Cologne in 2009. Later he specialized in Physical Theatre at the international school École LASSAAD in Brussels and graduated in 2011. Since then he is based in Berlin and playing, teaching and creating all over Europe. He is a curious explorer of dramatic forms that are blurring the lines between stage and audience, reality and imagination. For example as a living video game character with Die Spielmacher, caring directly for the physical wellbeing of the audience with the Wellness Theatre or doing site-specific performances in Warsaw with 100 Dancers. He has taught at universities in Berlin and Darmstadt, organized a french-german theatre exchange meeting for young adults, worked with multi-lingual groups (including participants from Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan and deaf people), gave workshops for a  wide range of NGOs, at international festivals, in the Circus School of Brussels and on a sailing ship cruising the Baltic Sea. He speaks German, English, French, Spanish and Sign Language (DGS).


Nicolas Donner (Switzerland) is a performer, dancer and poet.



Daniela Marcozzi (Italy) is an actress, dancer, performer, director and theater educator from central Italy. She studies and works in the domain of live performance since 2002. She is now based in Berlin where started many collaboration with dancers, directors, musicians and found a fertile ground for her research and works. In the big container of the Contemporary Theatre, the Grotowski’s training and view of the performer is the closest to her desires and inner inputs. In Berlin she studies and collaborates with Peter Rose/Practical Works, who has been Grotowski’s student in Wroclaw, Poland. In her studying and perpetuum research she is interested on the creation and expression of her personal poetic language, which is the result of her entire life, as dancer, performer, actress, educator, traveler and scientist. Her artistic path is caracterized, indeed, from different disciplines, such as contemporary dance, theater, contact dance, clown, physical theater, voice techniques. As a spiritual and physical revolutionary act, live performances represent for her a powerful and real tool of empathy to explor the human nature and comunication.more info: www.danielamarcozzi.net


Malgorzata Zmyslowska (Poland) is an architect and painter. She has studied and practiced architecture in Poland, Finland, Great Britain and Germany. Currently she lives between Berlin and Warsaw working on various little architectural projects and building sites. Drawing has always been her hobby and part of her life. It has always helped to understand landscapes, places and to wake smiles on peoples faces. Illustration has become her language and a translator.



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