LA VIE EN BRONZE (2016-2017)

“LA VIE EN BRONZE” is an allegory about the madness of war.  13310383_1148584261876221_8666223286049153801_n-768x511

Isidor and Loosy, a couple in their 50’s, are two war refugees. Since 25 years, they wander around from country to country, from war to war, carrying their home in their backs and pass their days disputing over the name of the turtle and the snail.
The unreasonable, inutile, monstrous “business of war” depicted through two grotesque characters plunged in madness – an enlightened madness however, that unmasks the world that surrounds them. Beyond the simple logic of true or false, we discover a world devastated by the “natural instinct” of humans to make war.

An absurd comedy inspired by “Délire à deux”of Ionesco.

text: Christina Kyriazidi
voices: Sandra Michaut, Nicolas Donner & Christina Kyriazidi
sound design: Sonia Dimitrow
masks: Pierre Filliez

actors: Nicolas Donner & Christina Kyriazidi
Stage Reading Presentations: FTF#6 – Festival du Theatre Francophone (Berlin, May 2016)



In dreams, freedom flies with more wings12557688_10153249384810841_1159710475_o

Freely adapted from the tale “O Elephant” of the Brazilian author Bartolomeu Campos de Quieros, Elefantinho is a theatre performance suitable both for adults and children. Through a playful and poetic balance of scenic languages such as shadow theatre, dance and movement research, singing, live music and storytelling both in English and Italian language, Elefantiho deals with the themes of self-confidence and the overcoming of the obstacles, that often are the result of our own fears.

Fears like those of Margherita, a young girl who doent sleep at night, after losing her friend Elefantinho, a small elephant whom she met one night in a dream and suddenly he decided to reach his size, forcing even Margherita to downsize her dream, not large enough to hold a real elephant.

The story is narrated by two clumsy pirates, Adam and Midi, also creatures of Margheritas dream, who shall help her to accept her fears and through a series of adventures, they will finally succeed to make her believe in dreams again and recognise their necessity in the understanding of reality.

Concept, dramaturgy, performance: Daniela Marcozzi, Christina Kyriazidi
Illustrations: Malgorzata Zmyslowska
Music: Luigi De Cicco

Presentations: 48-Stunden Neukolln Festival (Berlin, June 2016),  “Palla al centro” Youth Festival (Perugia, June 2016)



Ella, a young wannabe writer, meets the famous novelist Manu Singer, author of a single book of success, “Forest under the sea”. Trying to resolve her past that involve the author, his book and the suicide of her father, Ella reveals gradually her real intentions. The play pays homage, through a game of projection, magic realism and the aesthetics of film noir, to the French actor Patrick Dewaere.

Text: Christina Kyriazidi FDM_postcard_10x15_20-09-15
Translation: Marius Chatziprokopiou
Dramaturgy: Aldri Anunciação, Christina Kyriazidi, Juliana Molla, Leonel Henckes, Paula Lice
Direction: Paula Lice
Assistent Director: Juliana Molla
Cast: Leonel Henckes, Christina Kyriazidi
Scenography: Erick Seboya
Light Design: Márcio Nonato
Costumes: Alexandre Guimarães
Soundtrack: Ronei Jorge, Andrea Martins
Graphics: Lia Cunha
Photography: João Meirelles
Video: Nina La Croix
Production: Giro Produções Culturais

Award:  Prêmio FUNARTE de Teatro Myriam Muniz


1st season (2015)
1-18 October 2015 / Espao Cultural da Barroquinha, Salvador de Bahia, Brasil

2nd season (2016)
15 – 20.03 – Juazeiro (Centro Cultural Joo Gilberto)
05 – 10.04 – Valena (Centro de Cultura Olivia Barradas)
03 – 08.05 – Guanambi (Centro de Cultura de Guanambi)

More info:,#florestadebaixodomar,


Patrick e(s)t moi (2014) 6
dedicated to Patrick Dewaere

« J’aimerais vous parler des acteurs. Des acteurs-mythes, comme Patrick Dewaere. Et des autres acteurs, comme moi, qui ne sont pas un mythe, ni le seront jamais – probablement. On est des êtres d’une grande imagination. On adore les histoires. On a du mal à nous plonger dans la réalité. La réalité nous étouffe… »    D’un côté, un acteur culte des années ’70, qui a mis brutalement fin à ses jours à lâge de 35 ans et qui depuis est un mythe. De l’autre côté, une femme seule dans sa chambre. Elle se rappelle, imagine et raconte, en reproduisant des répliques des films de Patrick Dewaere. Une étrangère qui cherche les mots justes, une solitaire qui ressasse des vieilles histoires d’amour, une comédienne en répétition. Les deux histoires s’entrelacent jusqu’à n’en devenir qu’une seule. Un spectacle sur l’imagination et la réalité, le regret et l’espoir, le jeu de la comédie et la passion des histoires. Une réflexion sur les mythes et leur devenir.


1T3H5907“Ich würde ihnen gerne von Schauspielern erzählen. Schauspiellegenden wie Patrick Dewaere. Und anderen Schauspielern wie mir, die keine Legenden sind und es niemals sein werden – wahrscheinlich. Wir sind Wesen mit enormer Fantasie. Wir lieben die Geschichten. Es fällt uns schwer, uns in die Wirklichkeit zu stürzen. Die Wirklichkeit erstickt uns…”

Auf der einen Seite ein Kultschauspieler der 70er Jahre, der seinem Leben im Alter von 35 Jahren ein brutales Ende gesetzt hat und seitdem zur Legende wurde.Auf der anderen Seite eine Frau, die alleine in ihrem Zimmer ist. Sie erinnert sich, träumt und erzählt, während sie Zeilen aus Patrick Dewaeres Filmen wiedergibt. Eine Fremde, die nach den richtigen Worten sucht; eine Einsame, die immer wieder die alten Liebesgeschichten wiederholt; eine probende Schauspielerin.
Die beiden Geschichten verflechten sich, bis sie zu einer werden.
Ein Stück über die Fantasie und Wirklichkeit, Bedauern und Hoffnung, das Spiel des Theaters und die Leidenschaft der Geschichten.
Ein Nachdenken über die Legenden und ihre Zukunft.

I would like to tell you about actors. Legends like Patrick Dewaere. And actors like me, who are not legends, and probably never will be. We are beings with enormous imagination. We love stories. It is difficult for us to plunge into the reality. Reality suffocates us.
On one side a cult actor of the 70s, whose life came to a brutal end at the age of 35, for then became a legend.
On the other side, a woman alone in her room. She remembers, dreams and recounts, while she recites lines from Patrick Dewaeres films. A stranger looking for the right words; a lonely person repeating old love stories again and again; an actress rehearsing.
The two stories intertwine, until they become one.
It is a piece about fantasy and reality, regret and hope, the play of the theater and the passion of the stories.
A reflection on legends and their future.

Solo theatre performance by and with: Christina Kyriazidi
Music in Accordeon: Patrick Dewaere, Friedrich Meyer, Guy Lafarg, Hubert Giraud, Petrovich Larinov, Georges Brassens and Gabriel Yared.
Presentations: Festival du Thtre Francophone, FTF #5, ACUD Theater (Berlin, May 2014), Hoftheater Kreuzberg (Berlin, June 2014), KiNO Berlin (Berlin, July, August 2014), Thtre de Verre (Paris, September 2014), Théâtre d’Aire Falguire (Paris, September 2014), TWINS (Berlin, April 2015), Casa XIS (Salvador, Brasil, July 2015), Café da Walter (Salvador, Brasil, July 2015)


The Stranger & other ordinary tales (2014) 2

A puzzle of three ordinary tales that take place next to us every day: a stranger confronted with xenophobia and suffering from nostalgia, an abandoned lover unable to reconcile his fantasies with reality, a woman in front of a train, hesitating to take a small decision that may, however, change her life.
The three characters are waiting for the same train, yet they never get to know each other. The performance uses the frame of the train station in order to unfold thepersonal universe of the protagonists. Their stories swing between realism and surrealism, and depict their memories, fantasies, fears and longings.
The performance is a physical theatre composition using the element of a chorus, principles of grotesque and live accordion music.
Dramaturgy: Christina Kyriazidi / Direction: Christina Kyriazidi, Leonel Henckes
Ensemble: Stranger: Leonel Henckes / Lover: Lars Brunken / Girl with accordion: Christina Kyriazidi / Chorus: Alejandro Niklison, Ambra Elefante, Igor Studart, Ismael Martinez, Lara Meroni, Yekaterina Bezdetnaya
Presentations: Hoftheater Kreuzberg, ACUD Theater (Berlin, February 2014)

O R I G I N S (2012 – 2013) das Lied des Seemanns (15)
Origins relates the story of 7 different women connected with the origins of the artist.
In the seven fragments of the performance, the actress, through the dramatization of traditional myths, personal stories, old songs and hidden memories, passes from different characters: a writer, a bride, a traveler, a homeless, a mother, a woman in love and a mourner.

Solo theatre performance by and with: Christina Kyriazidi
Presentations: KNOTS theatre festival, Roderich Filmkunst (Berlin, May 2011), T.I.R. InMovimiento theatre festival (Torino, June 2011), TheaterSpiel Raum Bethanien (Berlin, November 2011), Magfest festival (Torino, November 2011), ACUD-15 Jahren des ACUD Theaters Festival (Berlin, December 2011), TATWERK (Berlin, March, August 2012), SOLO FERTEIS festival (Brasilia, Brazil, September 2012), Grupo IN.Teatro (Bs.As. Argentina, November 2012), Sala Cuarta Pared (San Pedro, Argentina, November 2012), Festival LA CORDURA DEL COPETE (Bs.As. Argentina, December 2012), Festival de la VISPERA (El Baldio Teatro, Bs.As. Argentina, December 2012), KNOTS International Theatre Festival (San Pedro, Argentina, January 2013), MIMOTEATRO Escobar-Lerchundi (Bs.As. Argentina, Febrero 2013)


A mother wishes for her son to become a great musician.
An old man returns to the house where he was born after 40 years in exile.
A girl plants a tree the day the Belgrade bombing ends.
A woman doesn’t prevent her lover from crossing illegally the Berlin wall.
Small pieces of different stories interweaved together and narrated through the poetic view of an unusual observer.
The performance uses the language of physical theatre and music and moves inside the universe of the “oniric theatre”. The creation was based on poetry produced in historical moments of the last century and the dramaturgy progresses through physical images and sounds/melodies of a violoncello which is placed in the center of action.
Dramaturgy: Christina Kyriazidi / Direction: Christina Kyriazidi
Ensemble: Christina Kyriazidi, Ian Belinchon
Music: Ian Belinchon
Presentations: TheaterSpiel Raum (Berlin, May 2012)

Das Lied des Seemanns (2011) das Lied des Seemanns (9)

The performance works as a live image that moves as the turning of the pages of a photo album or a tale of a beloved exile-a children’s game, an innocent lie, a short travel- the lighted darkness of an old memory- transfer- transition- however i smell my suitcase life- I shall never escape- my Ithaki within..
Direction: Christina Kyriazidi
Ensemble: Melanie Doyon, Christina Kyriazidi
Presentations: KNOTS theatre festival (Berlin)

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